Ongoing Support

At Buttercup Lactation, my commitment to your breastfeeding success extends well beyond the early weeks. I am here to provide continuous support throughout your entire feeding journey until weaning, including pre and post frenectomy care as needed. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), I understand that every stage of the feeding process comes with its unique challenges and joys. My goal is to be your trusted partner, offering compassionate guidance and practical solutions to ensure a smooth and rewarding feeding experience for both you and your baby.

Our ongoing support includes:

Latch and Positioning Refinement: As your baby grows, their latch and positioning may need adjustments. I will work with you to fine-tune these crucial aspects to maintain a comfortable and effective breastfeeding experience.

Milk Supply and Feeding Patterns: I will continue to monitor your baby’s feeding patterns and growth, ensuring a healthy milk supply and supporting you in recognizing their evolving cues and needs.

Breastfeeding Milestones: Throughout your breastfeeding journey, we will celebrate the milestones achieved, whether it’s overcoming challenges, reaching breastfeeding goals, or supporting your baby through a frenectomy if needed.

Pre and Post Frenectomy Care: If your baby requires a frenectomy to address tongue tie or lip tie, I will provide specialized care before and after the procedure to support optimal breastfeeding function.

Introducing Solids: When the time comes to introduce solids to your baby, I will provide guidance on safe and appropriate feeding practices, ensuring a seamless transition.

Bottle Feeding Support: If you choose to introduce bottle feeding or pumping, I will offer advice on best practices and help you maintain your breastfeeding goals. I happily work with families struggling with bottle refusal.

Weaning Process: When it’s time to begin the weaning process, I will support you with empathy and understanding, making the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible for both you and your baby.

Emotional Well-being: Throughout your feeding journey, I recognize the emotional impact and joys of feeding your little one. I will be here to provide a supportive space for you to express your feelings, concerns, and triumphs.

As your dedicated lactation consultant, I am committed to fostering a strong and confident bond between you and your baby throughout the entire feeding journey. I believe in empowering parents with evidence-based information, personalized care, and the tools needed to make informed decisions about their baby’s nutrition.

With ongoing support from Buttercup Lactation, you can approach each phase of the feeding journey with peace of mind, knowing you have a compassionate and knowledgeable ally by your side. It is my sincere hope that every family creates beautiful memories while feeding their baby.

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