Prenatal Consultations

Congratulations on your pregnancy! A prenatal consultation with Buttercup Lactation is a fantastic way to prepare for your breastfeeding journey even before your baby arrives. Our prenatal consultations are tailored to expectant parents who want to gain knowledge, confidence, and a solid plan for breastfeeding success.

During this one-on-one session, we will discuss your personal history and ways to set you up for a positive breastfeeding experience:

Breastfeeding Basics: We’ll cover the fundamentals of breastfeeding, including latch and positioning techniques, understanding hunger cues, and effective milk transfer.

Creating a Supportive Environment: We’ll explore ways to prepare your home and support system to encourage successful breastfeeding.

Addressing Concerns: This consultation is the perfect opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have about breastfeeding, such as milk supply, breastfeeding after a cesarean birth, or managing engorgement.

Breast Pump and Equipment Education: If you plan to use a breast pump, we’ll provide guidance on selecting the right equipment and ensuring a proper fit.

Developing a Feeding Plan: Together, we’ll create a personalized plan that aligns with your feeding goals and values. We will discuss bottle types if bottles are part of your feeding plan.

Postpartum Support: Support doesn’t end with the consultation. We’ll discuss follow-up options and how we can assist you after your baby’s arrival.

By investing in a prenatal consultation with Buttercup Lactation, you’ll gain valuable insights and practical strategies to kickstart your breastfeeding journey with confidence. This personalized session will help you feel empowered and prepared to embrace the incredible experience of breastfeeding.

Don’t wait until after your baby is born to seek support. Schedule a prenatal consultation today and set the stage for a successful and joyous breastfeeding experience for you and your baby.

Please note that this service is intended for expectant parents who have not yet given birth. If you’ve already welcomed your little one, our postpartum lactation consultations are available to provide tailored support for your unique breastfeeding needs.

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